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ALL THE PILOTS: The Mob Doctor

18 Sep

It can be really, really frustrating to have a lot of experience with how something works, then see it depicted on TV. You know, like lawyers who can’t watch lawyer shows, or cops who can’t watch cop shows, or high school chemistry teachers turned meth cooks who can’t watch Breaking Bad. Something the inaccuracies that the average viewer would never pick up on are just too glaring for an expert to bear.

The Mob Doctor is about a surgical resident, which makes it really difficult for me to sit through. You might not know this about me, but I have dedicated literally hundreds of hours to watching Grey’s Anatomy, so obviously I know a shitload about surgery, and even MORE about surgeons and hospital politics. It’s okay to be intimidated by my expertise, you guys, most people are.

ALL THE PILOTS: Guys With Kids

13 Sep


Okay, some comment. I love Jimmy Fallon. I have loved Jimmy Fallon since 2002, and it has not always been an easy road, but ultimately, it’s been a very rewarding one. I love that Jesse Bradford boy. I want, so badly, to love this show. And really, I didn’t find anything especially objectionable about it! Things were funny! People were likeable! Kareem Abdul Jabbar was there because it’s a sitcom and that’s the law I think! Except I’m me and it’s 2012 and this is a traditional multi-cam sitcom complete with laugh track and I cannot do this right now, NOT EVEN FOR YOU, JIMMY FALLON. NOT. EVEN. FOR. YOU. I’ll check back in a month or two to see how it’s going, I swear!

ALL THE PILOTS [and then some]: Go On and The New Normal

12 Sep

Comedy pilots are weird, you guys. Based on pilots alone, you can usually weed out the unbelievably terrible shows – shows like Work It, Are You There Chelsea, that upcoming midseason one where Dane Cook’s on the radio – but it’s much, much harder to figure out which comedies will be great and which ones will be mediocre. Comedies need more time than dramas to find their feet, so the best approach to a sitcom pilot is usually to think about what elements have potential and which ones aren’t working, then see if later episodes adjust accordingly.

Luckily, NBC’s weird-ass promotional strategy meant that Go On and The New Normal both aired their second episodes tonight, so I can do a little bit of that!