ALL THE PILOTS: Some of the pilots?

1 Oct

So it turns out that All the Pilots was a lot easier to do last year, when I:

a) was unemployed
b) was a part-time student taking mostly online classes that took up a total of three hours of my week, never during primetime
c) had an internet connection faster than dialup and a working DVR
d) had never done ALL THE PILOTS before and still had an unbroken spirit
e) still watched a lot of TV in a general sense but wasn’t super-passionate about any one show

NONE OF THOSE THINGS ARE TRUE THIS YEAR! Terrible! Plus also so many things were previewed early this year that I feel like buzz more or less took care of itself. Anyway, I still haven’t seen the pilots of Animal Practice [which aired in AUGUST], Made in Jersey, Last Resort, or Elementary, but here’s a quick rundown of everything else:

Partners is terrible, just like we all knew it would be despite our love or at least basic lack of disdain for everyone in it. Sophia Bush and Michael Urie in a sitcom together SHOULD be like a dream come true but this show is a useless nightmare. Everyone’s either bland beyond bland or a caricature, there was this repeated “heart on”/hard-on joke that didn’t land either time, Michael Urie’s character is an asshole and it’s hard to see why anyone puts up with him, and it’s just a world of no.

Vegas is kind of amazing in that I feel like it must be like old people catnip. Old people are going to watch the SHIT out of this show, but mostly I was just sad that Dennis Quaid’s face has made a marked decline between the 1998 Parent Trap remake and now. Oliver from The OC is there? And then everyone else is an old white dude. At one point Dennis Quaid is on horseback, chasing a biker gang down the Strip. That happened, but not in a Hawaii Five-0 way, just in a weird “this is happening” way.

Everyone in the world who was even the slightest bit interested in The Mindy Project has already either seen The Mindy Project or read plenty about it. IT WAS VERY GOOD.

The same thing probably goes for Ben and Kate but I DO want to make a point of saying how much I enjoyed it, because it took me by surprise! It’s not like I was expecting it to be terrible but the ensemble REALLY worked for me, which is one of the best early indicators of whether a comedy is going to be any good or not. Someone somewhere reviewed it and said that they found Ben insufferable because he was just yet another oblivious, inconsiderate mess of a dude that we’re supposed to find charming, which I disagree with. Michael Urie’s character in Partners is an oblivious, inconsiderate mess of a dude that we’re supposed to find charming; Ben is an oblivious mess of a dude who loves the shit out of his family, and they sell that pretty well in the pilot.

The Neighbors shouldn’t exist as a single-camera comedy on a Big Three network in 2012. It just shouldn’t. I’m sure it was VERY good when they ran it during TGIF in the 90s, but it’s kind of weird that they decided to air reruns in primetime after so long! Did somebody miss Meego? [Guys remind me to watch all of Meego and then talk to you about it some day because I watched the pilot one time and it was the greatest show I’ve ever seen.]

My only official recommendation thus far is that everyone should be watching Go On.

2 Responses to “ALL THE PILOTS: Some of the pilots?”

  1. Emma October 1, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

    Of the ones you haven’t seen, I’d watch ‘Last Resort’ as kind of a joke and ‘Elementary’ might actually turn out to be totally watchable. Honestly, everyone already knows how to feel about ‘Animal Practice’ and ‘Made in Jersey’ because it’s the way we feel when reading the titles out loud.

  2. Samantha October 1, 2012 at 6:00 pm #

    I FELT THE SAME WAY ABOUT BEN & KATE, like, I read the pilot and thought, “Eh, okay?” but I thought everyone in the pilot worked SO WELL together, I was pleasantly surprised! Plus, three actors in the pilot were in Justin Timberlake movies, which is a weird fact that I know: Lucy Punch (Bad Teacher), Bryan Greenberg (Friends w/ Benefits), and Dakota Johnson is actually Amy of “There’s a snake in here, Amy!” fame from Social Network.

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