19 Feb

Look, I know we all feel really bad about this and don’t really like to talk about it because it makes us feel so shitty about ourselves, but haven’t we all kind of dropped the ball when it comes to keeping tabs on Chad Michael Murray? Taking that into consideration, some of this news is pretty old, but it’s still mostly going to be new to you!

  • Chad Michael Murray is on Southland right now (probably)!
  • Chad Michael Murray and Kenzie Dalton are still engaged! Kenzie Dalton, if you don’t remember, is Chad Michael Murray’s CHILD BRIDE FIANCEE. In two weeks and two days she’ll finally be old enough to rent a car without paying any under-25 fees!
  • Here is what Chad Michael Murray had to say when he and Kenzie Dalton got engaged a month after she turned eighteen aka SEVEN YEARS AGO: “[All I want is] to be 80 years old and to have been married for 50 years and still be soooo in love.” Four Os on that “soooo,” guys. All he wants is to be 80 years old and to have been engaged to his child fiancee for 50 years and to be soooo in love.
  • Chad Michael Murray, Ashley Tisdale, and Nicolas Cage are all going to star in the reboot of Left Behind! Left Behind is that Kirk Cameron Rapture movie about everyone who doesn’t get to go to heaven!
  • Here is a poem Chad Michael Murray wrote about Terminator crows or something.
  • Chad Michael Murray’s OFFICIAL Web site is Here is the greeting that has been posted on it for like two years!

    Hello guys n gals,
    I’ve finally given in and decided to join this crazy Internet revolution. As some of you know I’m quite private and have avoided places such as Twitter/Facebook, in turn, I’ve missed the camaraderie with my fans.  I’ve created this site because I wanted to have an intimate place where I could share a glimpse into the things that mean a lot to me.

    I’m not great with keeping up day to day so please be patient. I hope all is well in life for you. Chat soon.



  • Chad Michael Murray is on Twitter!


  • Chad Michael Murray wrote a graphic novel called Everlast! I read it like a year ago! The main character’s girlfriend gets eaten by a hell dinosaur and also at the end of the book he wrote some PROSE DELETED SCENES that are not good.
  • Chad Michael Murray was actually in that Ciroc commercial where all your boyfriends go to Vegas. NO, I KNOW, I DIDN’T SEE HIM IN IT WHEN I WATCHED IT A MILLION TIMES IN A ROW WHILE SCREAMING INTO A PILLOW EITHER. But he’s there!
  • The last post in Just Jared’s Chad Michael Murray tag is about celebrity reactions to Sandy Hook! Another post calls him a “30-year-old actor/graphic novelist.”
  • His hair looks MUCH more normal now than it did when he went through that phase where he dressed up as Grace from Joan of Arcadia.


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