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ALL THE PILOTS: Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. A Joss Whedon Production Brought To You By ABC

25 Sep

SHIELD is kind of a weird case in that it was never going to matter if it wasn’t very good. As long as it wasn’t outright terrible, Joss Whedon were still gonna be on board, Marvel people were still gonna be on board, a metric fuckton of people were still gonna tune in. Nobody’s waiting for anyone else’s opinion on SHIELD to decide if it’s worth watching or not! If you were expecting to like SHIELD, you’re gonna like SHIELD!

If you weren’t expecting to like SHIELD or weren’t sure what to expect: I didn’t like SHIELD!


ALL THE PILOTS: Dads / Brooklyn Nine-Nine

17 Sep

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is good! I’m not really going to talk about it! It didn’t blow me away or anything, but it’s got an incredibly promising foundation, which is frankly the more important thing for a comedy pilot. It also looks like the writers already know how to balance their ensemble, which is a great sign going forward! Good job, Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

SHOCK OF THE CENTURY: Dads is terrible, and it only looks worse next to Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

ALL THE PILOTS: Sleepy Hollow

17 Sep

By now you’ve already heard from everyone and their Twitter followers about Sleepy Hollow – if you haven’t watched it yourself, that is – but ALL THE PILOTS means ALL THE PILOTS. Anyway, bigger spoilers than usual in this one.


ALL THE PILOTS 2013: Back in the Game

13 Sep

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN, and this year I’ve got an ACTUAL FUNCTIONING INTERNET CONNECTION, so I’ll be able to properly subject myself to all the garbage the networks are putting out. It’s not just me, right? Outside of Fox and the CW it looks like we’re dealing exclusively with garbage? SO MUCH GARBAGE. ALL THE GARBAGE 2013.

Speaking of garbage, I started this season with Back in the Game!