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ALL THE PILOTS: Some of the pilots?

1 Oct

So it turns out that All the Pilots was a lot easier to do last year, when I:

a) was unemployed
b) was a part-time student taking mostly online classes that took up a total of three hours of my week, never during primetime
c) had an internet connection faster than dialup and a working DVR
d) had never done ALL THE PILOTS before and still had an unbroken spirit
e) still watched a lot of TV in a general sense but wasn’t super-passionate about any one show

NONE OF THOSE THINGS ARE TRUE THIS YEAR! Terrible! Plus also so many things were previewed early this year that I feel like buzz more or less took care of itself. Anyway, I still haven’t seen the pilots of Animal Practice [which aired in AUGUST], Made in Jersey, Last Resort, or Elementary, but here’s a quick rundown of everything else:


14 Jan

The problem with my All the Pilots personal challenge is that it’s impossible to fall behind. I completely forgot Rob was airing until ten minutes after its pilot ended, and, had I been blessed enough to be born twenty years earlier, once I missed a terrible pilot, that would be it. [On the flip side, twenty years ago they aired originally programming seven days a week, and I could never have handled that many pilots.] Instead, I spent Thursday night exasperatedly waiting for a download to show up [note to CBS and the MPAA: I’m talking about iTunes, duh], and now I can never take back the fact that I’m a person who has said “come on, where’s the Rob download?”