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Turn of the Century Tuesday: MTV Party to Go 2000

21 Feb

Look, I’m not going to lie to you or make this thing into more than it is: Party to Go 2000 isn’t the best CD ever. That’s Now 5; we all know that, and there’s no point in pretending otherwise. But Party to Go 2000, which my friend Rachel gave me for my twelfth birthday, is honestly an amazing specimen, and now that I have a car with no aux jack or tape deck and have dragged out all my CDs, it is basically all I want to listen to for the rest of my life. What’s most important about it, and the reason that it survived this summer’s Great CD Purge, is that it’s BEST in CD form, because the songs are all mixed to transition into each other and it sounds ridiculous broken up into individual tracks.

Wikipedia tells me that Party to Go was a decade-long series and that this was the penultimate installment. Clearly, once 2000 was finished and ready to go, the powers that be at MTV realized they’d never top it, so they put out a remix edition, called it a day, and switched over to reality shows about teenagers.

Turn of the Century Tuesday: Seventeen’s 2001 Prom Issue

31 Jan

Little-known fact: There are few things I love more than calling the early 2000s the turn of the century. I figure I have another decade of this before it crosses from “clever or mildly obnoxious depending on how much you like me” into “weird,” and then another decade or two after that before I genuinely sound like I’m centuries old when I explain to children that at the turn of the century, if I was using something called a landline to talk to a friend of mine on HER landline, I could not simultaneously go online, or, as we called it in my day, “cruise down the information superhighway.” [God, that’s going to sound as unfathomably antiquated to my kids as party lines do to me, isn’t it?]

So what I’m saying is that I’ve only got a few more years of this before the passage of time goes and ruins everything, and I might as well spend it doing things like scanning pages from the 2001 prom issue of Seventeen, which shockingly contains only eighteen photos of midriff-baring prom dresses, although there are more than enough midriffs elsewhere: